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Today is the big day! We’ve worked very hard during last few weeks, but now we can show you the 4.31 version of our PS3 Jailbreak!

We’ve fixed all known bugs and troubles and also added some great features!

  • ISO-loader is now even faster!
  • all crashes fixed (hopefully)!

Download (includes Guide)

Mirror 1

Version 4.31 (January 2013)

47 Responses to “Version 4.31”

  1. Fantastika2:

    Thanks man works great

  2. Janet:

    thx for mediafire link

  3. kutamaru:

    nice, new version works perfectly!

  4. HipHopDude:

    Thank you much. Works great even though sometimes multiman won't open

  5. Habiz:

    thx much mate

  6. Rasputin:

    Thanks!!! Greetings from Russia :)

  7. Kinezos:

    Greetings from USA! Works great! Thanks much! :D best emulator nobody knows

  8. Trollolo:

    i’ve arrived here from GREAT!

  9. Terry_1994:

    What features will would we expect in future?

  10. 613 SATon:

    i’ve tested the new BETA. Everybody download it :) )

  11. Wiki2050:

    unfortunately I just sold my ps3


  12. anon:

    Seems good. Gonna download to try it

  13. Bogdano:

    Thank you!!!

  14. snook_63:

    works great, thx

  15. GAM3R:

    Good, but I sometimes have crashes (average 1 during 2-3h of game)

  16. admin:

    #GAM3ER: We’re sorry. It sometimes just happens. Wait for the new version. We fixed some bugs and it should work well now for most people

  17. Thanks man!:D

  18. DreamTheater:


  19. lamino93:

    nice, thanks a lot

  20. Dzejkob:

    works perfectly, thx m8

  21. bad_company:

    Why do you publish that AWESOME jailbreak for free? You could earn on it.

  22. admin:

    #bad_company: I have a lot of projects, don’t worry about my earnings :)

  23. admin:

    #Patrik: Welcome man! ;)

  24. Zelenozer:


  25. gary1:

    Nice share.

  26. Annie1993:

    I love you :)

  27. hans_trebl:


  28. hiroh:

    thanks a lot. great . it works!

  29. kremator62:

    Thank you. It works on my friends ps3 but not mine. Maybe because mine's has a broken bluray drive

  30. Alastor:

    perfect, thx

  31. polishman:

    WOOOW, i didn’t expect that it works!

  32. mires:

    you rock! great jailbreak!

  33. fisher16:

    Well done.

  34. Paul:

    why the download is not work? please give me download thx :)

  35. lost mc:

    I cant download this file
    please upload somewhere else
    thank you a lot

  36. Patrik91:

    Patrik 4.21b ENG VERSION!
    I’m sorry.:D

  37. xgamer:

    i believe you but i can’t download it . can you upload it on rapidshare ,please ?

  38. ulinco:

    Downloaded. Thanks!!

  39. admin:

    #Paul: Download works perfectly :)
    #lost mc & xgamer: I will upload it on other site, but now I’m very far from home and I don’t have access to my computer.

  40. xgamer:

    #admin:YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. HamidM3:

    plz upload to rapidshare . I Cant Download. PLZ check the mirror 1 (mediafire)

  42. TheMasquerade98:

    thank you, I hope that this could run Skyrim without true blue

  43. camiiv:

    WOW, works perfectly

  44. janine:


  45. fidah:


  46. admin:

    Due to many requests, new MEDIAFIRE mirror added! :)

  47. Super_Cranky:

    Can My PS3 use this jailbreak? It has 3.55 OFW now.

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