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Today is the big day! We’ve worked very hard during last few weeks, but 1.2 version of our Facebook Credots Adder is now available for all you guys! The file comes with the application which has a built in guide!

We’ve fixed all known bugs and troubles and also added some great features!

  • Uses new exploit found in November 2012.
  • 89% chance of successfully adding the credits.
  • Anonymous hacking. (Added in v1.1, Facebook can't ban you for using out tool)

Download (installer-downloader)

Mirror 1: (Rapidshare)

Version 1.2 (November 2012)

7 Responses

  1. Fantastika2:

    Thanks man works great

  2. Janet:

    thx for the link,added credits to my and my best friend's account :P

  3. kutamaru:

    nice software, new version works perfectly! And very fast too!

  4. HipHopDude:

    Thank you much. Works great even though it successfully added the credits after 2 tries.

  5. Habiz:

    thx much mate

  6. Rasputin:

    Thanks!!! Greetings from Russia :)

  7. Kinezos:

    Greetings from France! Works great! Thanks much! :D Let's add some more credits now

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